Top 5 Tips for Finding Your “Perfect Prom Look”

  1.  Keep The Spring/Summer Palette in mind:

Since Proms are usually in the spring or summer, you’ll want to wear colours that reflect that season.  Just as designers keep a watchful eye on the future colours and trends that are hot in the coming season, so must you.  If you are making your dress, you’re especially going to want to focus on Summer palettes; most people who make their dress often begin in the winter, so they end up choosing the colours that are on the side of dull or dark, more of a winter palette, which would be fine, if your prom were to be in say January.


2.  Work with your skin’s undertone:

Are you warm, cool or neutral?  Check by looking at the veins on your wrist. Mostly Blue & Purple, you’re cool;  Mostly Green, you’re warm; a mixture of both, you’re in neutral country.  Remember, you want to stay away from colours that wash you out.

If you’re cool (well, we all know you’re awesome, obvs), you’ll likely want to stick to colours that bring out the pink in your cheeks ie: bright Corals, hot Reds, rich Golds, vibrant Fuchsias, or a stunning Tangerine.  Steer Clear of pale and pastel hues altogether.

For warm tones, your skin is likely on the olive/caramel/coffee side, and you’ll want to look as delish as all three; ergo, you’ll want to go with colours that flatter that gorgeous bacon of yours; colours like: bright or light Aquamarine/Turquoise, a vibrant Yellow, Orange-Pinks, Vermilions & Oranges. Cool or warm pastels will also look killer on you!  Stay Away from:  Golds and dull or pale Greens.

Neutral tones: go nuts! As most colours and tones look good on you; the only thing you’ll want to pay attention to with your look is not clashing with your hair colour.

And remember:  Jewel tones look good on ANY skin tone.


3.  Do you!

It’s a day to celebrate your individuality and have the spotlight all on you, so your dress should absolutely reflect who you are as a person!  Take it from someone who faked it for prom, you’ll regret it if you don’t express your true self.  Try to stick to your original view as much as possible, people will try to sway you by saying “oh but this would look so AMAZING on you!” and using other buzz words , but unless you’re really truly feeling what they’ve picked, don’t give in; After all, you’re the one who has to look back on the photos, so it’s up to you whether you proclaim, proud and out loud “I REGRET NOTHING!” or tearfully set the photo ablaze with your “best friend’s” Zippo while listening to Morrissey and plowing through a box of Pot of Golds on a rainy Tuesday night when you’re mother decides it’d be “fun” to look back on your highschool days.  And don’t even get me started on the yearbook picture.


4.  Don’t fear the patterns!

Patterns are a great way to stand out and be trendy!  They’re not easy to find as most gowns are single-toned and simply have lace appliques.  But why not try a polka dot, or stripe?  Maybe even an animal print?  Or an elegant silk brocade?  Keep in mind that elegance and trendiness are not always mutually exclusive.


5.  Accessorize accordingly!

If your dress is understated, you’ll want to go for bold with the makeup and accessories ie: pieces that really stand out, like a hot red lip, with a printed clutch and shoes to match.

If your dress is more the statement, try a simple classic black or white clutch and shoes, with a nudey-pink lip.  If you’d like to still go bold with the makeup, remember to choose only one feature to pop: lips or eyes, not both.  You’ll also want to either choose a colour from your gown to match your lips/eyes, or a complimentary hue (Red/Green, Yellow/Purple, Blue/Orange).

Don’t forget to express yourself with the makeup too because hey, if you want to rock a metallic green lip on your big day, let no one stop you!


HC out!



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