Summer Camps

Since we are the only school in York Region specializing in all aspects of the fashion arts, we are able to offer our students the most exclusive and in-depth learning in all our summer camps, courses and programmes.  As well as offering our signature camps and programmes each summer to students of all ages, we also endeavor to bring our students new and never-before-offered camps and programmes that are creative, fun and innovative as well as educational, while nurturing and inspiring young minds and future designers!  Each summer brings many specialty courses that are offered in the summer months ONLY and are exclusive to the Haute Couture Academy and are, of course, taught by our industry proven designers and art instructors.  Some of our summer specialty courses include:

  • Still Life and Figure Drawing
  • Fashion Illustration in Prisma Marker & Pencil
  • Textile Design (not offered anywhere else in York Region!)
  • University Prep (exclusive to HC Academy)
  • Painting on Denim (exclusive to the HC Academy!)
  • Block Making (Patternmaking)
  • Sewing in Leathers & Suedes (exclusive to the HC Academy!)
  • Bra Making (exclusive to the HC Academy!)
  • Portraiture in Conte, Graphite, Watercolour, and Pen & Ink
  • Plus many, many more.  Please refer to our Course Calendar>Summer Schedules link for more information.

Amongst high school students (especially grades 11 and 12), one of the biggest reasons for summer camps and programmes is the need to get started on university portfolios.  Unfortunately, many students leave their fashion design and visual arts learning until the end of high school, resulting in an urgency to learn and produce a quality, university level portfolio in very little time, when in fact, quality portfolios can often take up to two years to produce.

Many of our summer camps and programmes are set up specifically with the older grades in mind.  We offer some of the very best and most effective prep programmes in Woodbridge, Vaughan, York Region, Toronto, Brampton, Maple, Kleinburg, Richmond Hill, Thornhill and Mississauga.  Most people think that a portfolio is an easy thing; a collection of a few paintings and drawings, maybe some fashion illustrations.  However, this is an extremely inaccurate and sad conclusion.  A portfolio is, and always should be, a collection of your VERY BEST work, NOT your very first work.  Your portfolio will be going up against thousands of others, so it is crucial that only your VERY FINEST work is included in it.  It is during the summer months, when students have more time to create, work and focus that we concentrate on the background learning and necessary preparation needed leading up to the execution of high quality university level portfolios.  After all, you wouldn’t send your child to university without four years of high school, so why would you send him to a university design or art programme without four years of fashion and visual arts learning?

All summer camps and programmes run for four to five consecutive days each, start at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm and are taught by industry professionals.

Our summer evening courses and programmes all run for six weeks each, two nights per week, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and are taught by industry professionals.

To see all our summer camps and programmes, please click here for our Summer Course Schedule.



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