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Excellent Fashion Illustration and drawing skills is how the smart designer successfully communicates with her clients, patternmakers, suppliers and manufacturers alike. The ability to draw accurate and unique fashion illustration is a quintessential skill that a good designer develops over many years through excellent school instruction, a myriad of specialty art courses designed to develop retina and muscle memory and technique in all mediums used in the fashion industry, and of course, intense practice, practice, practice under the watchful and critical eye of a trained design instructor. Click on the links below to read about some of the courses we offer here at the academy.


Fashion Faces – Intermediate and advanced only

As any good designer knows, drawing faces on croquis when designing is crucial to keeping the attitude and mood in ones designs and lending credibility and professionalism to ones work. It is important to understand that fashion design must be believable in order to be credible and faces, along with the human form, are the most difficult things in art to draw from the imagination as they must always be completely balanced and have a natural fluidity.

Learning to illustrate the perfect fashion face is one of the very best things a young designer can accomplish. In fact, we recommend this course for ALL artists of all levels because it will intimately introduce the young artist to the subtle mathematics and perfect balance that is the human face and will come in handy when drawing portraiture and figure drawing.

It is interesting to note that what makes this course so AMAZING is the fact that students are taught to draw the human face WITHOUT the use of any kind of photo references whatsoever! Remember, all great design is original and comes straight from the imagination, so young artists and designer must learn how to draw without the use of photos to copy from, thereby developing the retina memory that they will need in a future design career.

By the end of the course students will have at least one frameable art piece, as well as having learned (through demonstration and practice):

  • Colour theory
  • Training the eye for colour, shape, line, texture, foreshortening, balance
  • How to blend and mix Prismacolor pencils & markers
  • How to draw the “perfect fashion face” from your imagination (NO references to be used!)
  • How to properly execute skin tones
  • How to draw hair in a variety of styles
  • Learn to understand the delicate balance and mathematically proportionate beauty that makes up the human face
  • Learn to draw front, ¾ and side views

All student art will be professionally exhibited at our Year End Fashion & Art Show Gala.

This course is offered at intermediate and advanced levels only.

Prerequisite courses include: Beginner or intermediate Fashion Illustration.

All art supplies are extra.

Fashion Illustration for Kids: Create Your Own Fashion Line! – grades 2 to 6

Fashion Illustration
Fashion Illustration in Watercolour – beginner, intermediate and advanced
Fashion Illustration in Prismacolor – beginner, intermediate and advanced

Textile Design





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