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While studying at the Haute Couture Academy, the first thing I had learned was the importance of being myself. I had first come to the Haute Couture Academy only with the thought of getting accepted into the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University. Little did I know how hard I would have to work to get myself there. In my circumstances, I had exactly one year to complete my portfolio for two fashion programs.

The reason for why this process would be so difficult for me was because I would have to learn the fundamentals of art and sewing and then put those to use to produce art and garments worthy of being in my portfolio! I truly did not understand how far behind I was. But, Joanne told me it was possible. The teachers at Haute Couture challenge their students to bring out their absolute best work. This is the reason for the academy’s successful acceptance percentage and the phenomenal portfolios that are produced by the graduating students each year.

Being surrounded by students who are determined to improve their skills helps every individual want to become a better version of themselves.

I am not above any student at Haute Couture in any way. I am known for my work because of my strong work ethic and for every student that asks me how to get better I tell them exactly this: you need to truly want to be better. This involves taking extra classes at the Haute Couture Academy, constantly asking questions when you do not understand certain procedures, asking other students how they executed a type of project, and giving yourself extra projects to make yourself improve.

Within only one year of studying at the Haute Couture Academy I had many pieces completed. In my personal art portfolio, I had done a self-portrait, a shoe portrait, multiple fashion illustrations, a fashion logo design, a fashion poster, fashion croquis and swatch samples. In my personal design portfolio, I had sewn two linen sundresses, a two-piece bikini, a wool pencil skirt and matching vest, a silk charmeuse blouse, a wool box pleated skirt and matching vest, and a winter coat. This impressive list was only possible because I was studying at the Haute Couture academy and constantly pushing myself to improve my skills, which is simple to do because of the constant motivation and support from the teachers who are there. After my university portfolio, I gained a lot of skill in pattern drafting and was able to design, draft and sew my prom dress; sew on metres of lace to a ballgown I created; had my garments published in a couple of magazines; have accepted many offers to sew garments for clients; and maintain a 3.0 GPA at Ryerson University.

Haute Couture not only taught me how to sew and how to draw, it taught me about fulfilling your passions. It helped me to learn the type of person I wanted to become, was one who was known for the hard work they had done, which inspired me to work harder. When I was studying at the Haute Couture Academy I felt like the best version of myself and I cannot imagine the type of person I would have been if I never had the opportunity to attend the academy.

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